Brian Rotman @ Wayne State

Brian Rotman will be at Wayne State for two days this October. On Tuesday, October 24, he will join the graduate Rhetoric and Composition seminar Bodies of Persuasion to discuss his forthcoming book, Becoming Beside Ourselves: The Alphabet, Ghosts, and Distributed Human Being (Duke University Press). On Wednesday, October 25, he will deliver a public talks as part of The DeRoy Lecture Series entitled “Lettered Selves and Beyond.” Dr. Rotman is a Humanities Distinguished Professer at Ohio State University in the Department of Comparative Studies. Article and reviews by him have appeared in the Guardian Newspaper, the Times Literary Supplement, and the London Review of Books. He is the author of various stage plays, a play for radio, as well as six books, among which are Signifying Nothing: The Semiotics of Zero and Ad Infinitum…the Ghost in Turing’s Machine (both from Stanford University Press).

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