Workshop on Wikis in the Classroom

The Writing Center will sponsor a Teaching With Technology Workshop on Wikis in State Hall 029 from 2-2:30 PM, November 11, 2007. In this workshop, Michael McGinnis will offer an introductory lesson on the hows and whys of using wikis in the composition classroom. Composing online offers opportunities unique to the digital medium, and the goal of this workshop is point to ways that wikis allow you and your students to capitalize on the writing space available in this increasingly-popular composition medium. Topics covered include:

˙ What is a wiki?
˙ Why a wiki?
˙ How to build your own wikispace
˙ How to work in the wiki
˙ What wikis can do that print can’t

In the short time available, you’ll be introduced to two popular wiki platforms, PBWiki and MediaWiki, and see how Wayne State instructors are already taking advantage of the powers of the wiki!

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