WSU @ CCCC 2010

The Rhetoric & Composition Program will be well-represented at this year’s 4 C’s convention, with over a dozen faculty and students delivering talks:

  •  On 2/17 Professor (and Director of Composition) Ellen Barton will deliver a talk entitled “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” as the keynote speaker of the Qualitative Research Network meeting.
  • On 2/18 five of our graduate students will present as part of the panel “Don’t Call It a Comeback: Remixing the Rhetorical Canons as Affirmative Rhythms”: Jared Grogan (”Style: Regenerative Style in Ecocomposition”); Mary Karcher (”Delivery: Exploring the Potential of Participatory Culture”); Wendy Duprey (”Arrangment: Rearranging Arrangment with Kairotic Attunement”); Michael McGinnis (”Invention: The Crowded House of Writing as Social Process”); and Kim Lacey (”Memory: Techne, Technology, and Remembering”).
  • On 2/18 PhD candidate Jill Morris will be a participant in the “Writing Lessons from Gamespace: Playing with Rhetoric and Rhetoricizing with Play” roundtable discussion.  
  • On 2/19, PhD candidate Cara Kozma will present the talk “Check Out This Remix: Sampling Globalization Theory into Service Learning” as part of the panel “Remixing Service Learning for Civic Engagement.”
  • On 2/19, Professor Gwen Gorzelsky will present a talk entitled “Remixing Literacy and Social Change: Findings from a Historical-Qualitative Study of Spirtual Literate Practices” as part of the panel “Remixing Literacy to Create Cultural and Religious Identities: Literacy Practices of Inclusion.”
  • On 2/19, PhD candidate Clayton Walker will present the talk “The Embodied Act of Writing: Toward a Theory of Affects and Agency” as part of the “Theorizing Agency in Writing Studies” panel.
  • On 2/19, PhD candidate Whitney Hardin will deliver the talk “Remixed Identities: Rhetorical Ecologies and the Performance of Louisvillian Citizenship” as part of the panel “Remixing and Theorizing Identity in Louisville.”
  • On 2/19, Professors Richard Marback and Jeff Pruchnic will present the talks “The Cosmopolitan Virtues of Working Class Consciousness” and “Analog Politics, Digital Economies: Rethining Progressive Pedagogy,” respectively, as part of the panel “Remixing Work: Learning to Labor in the Digital Economy.”
  • On 2/20, Professor Jim Brown will present the talk “Delivery: From Cicero to Beyonce” as part of the panel “‘Is Aristotle on Twitter?’ A RhetComp DigiTech Mashup.”

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