WSU @ RSA 2010

The Rhetoric & Composition program will be well represented at the 2010 meeting of the Rhetoric Society of America, fielding nine presentations during the conference:

  • On Friday, May 28, PhD candidate Jill Morris will present a talk entitled “These Balls Taste Like Christmas: The Rhetoric of Memes in Classroom Community Building”
  • On Saturday, May 29, PhD candidate Michael Ristich will present a talk entitled “Birthers, Partiers, and Anarchists: The Rhetoric of Anarchism in Contemporary Political Discourse”
  •  Also on Saturday, faculty member Jeff Pruchnic will deliver the talk “‘To Give Back What is Given’: Isocrates and the Rhetoric of Appropriation”
  • On Sunday, May 30, several PhD candidates will present talks as part of the panel “Scandalous!!! Reclaiming Controversy for Rhetorical Scholarship”: Michael McGinnis (”A Matter of Life and Death Panels: Carl Schmitt’s Anti-Rhetorical Politics”); Kim Lacey (”Forgetting to Remember: Keeping Tabs on Digital Memory”); and Derek Risse (”Navigating the Mundane: A Controversially Uncontroversial Approach to Digital Identity in the Twenty-First Century”)
  • Also on Sunday, faculty members Ellen Barton and Richard Marback will co-present the talk “Clinical and Critical Imperatives, Impact, and Pragmatic Interdisciplinarity” and faculty member Jim Brown will deliver the talk “New Media and the Limits of Lanham’s ‘Cybernethics’”
  • On Monday, May 31, PhD candidate Conor Shaw-Draves will present the talk “Writing in the Moment: Kairos and Performance in Composition”
  •  Also on Monday, faculty member Richard Marback will deliver the talk “Wikus van der Merwe’s Body and the Fragility of Democratic Rhetoric”

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