WSU @ CCCC 2011

The Rhetoric & Composition Program will be well represented at the 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication with seven of our faculty and graduate students have speaking roles on the program:

  • Faculty member Gwen Gorzelsky will co-chair the Qualitative Research Network meeting; she will also present the talk “”Literacy in a Biocultural World: Neuroscience in Literacy Studies” as part of the panel “The Life of the Mind, Meditation and Humility.”
  • PhD candidate Clay Walker will present a talk entitled “Hybrid Discourses as Internalized Boundary Crossing: An Archival Study of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers” as part of the panel “Beyond Boundaries: Hybrid Discourse, Transatlantic Perspectives, and Cacophony.”
  • Three PhD candidates will present as part of the panel “The Subtexts of Manipulation: Embodying, Extending, and Unearthing”: Kim Lacey (“Manipulating Memory: Keeping It Real”); Wendy Duprey (“Visceral Manipulation: Rhetorical Engagement with Bodily Codes”); and Jared Grogan (“Manipulating the Land: From Service to Sustained Giving”).
  • PhD candidate Mary Karcher will present the talk “Participatory Culture, Fandom and Digital Writing: Identifying Criteria for Coherence in Digital and Multimodal Texts” as part of the panel “Digital Technologies and Classroom Practices.”
  • The panel “Coming of Age in Composition: What We Can Learn from Late-Life Writers” will feature talks by faculty member Ruth Ray (“The 21st Century Merging of Composition and Age Studies”) and PhD candidate Donora Hillard (“The very brokenness of these things is the witness of my life: Learning from a Writer with Alzheimer’s”).

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