WSU @ C & W 2011

The program will be well-represented at the Computers & Writing 2011 Conference hosted by the University of Michigan this May.

  • Faculty member Jim Brown will be a co-leader of the “Composing Digital Scholarship: A Workshop for Authors” workshop (session HDW02, Thursday 9 AM-12PM), co-presenting a talk entitled “Digital Poetry: Coding Publics” as part of the “Networked Publics” panel (session B02; Friday 11:45 AM-1 PM), and a panelist for the third Town Hall of the conference, “The Future(s) of Computers and Writing” (session TH03, Sunday 12 PM-1 PM);
  • PhD candidate (and GTA) Andy Engel will present a talk entitled “Writing On/In/Over Space: Writing Practices in Augmented and Dimished Reality” as part of the panel “Writing in Action: Citizenship and Electronic Common Spaces” (session B04, Friday 11:45 AM-1 PM);
  • PhD candidate Donoroa Hillard will present a talk entitled “’The very brokenness of these things is the witness of my life’: New Media Writing and the Alzheimer’s Afflicted Individual” as part of the panel “Brokenness and the Quest for Identity in New Media” (session E12, Saturday 8 AM-9:45 AM);
  • PhD candidate Mary Karcher will present a talk entitled “Fringe, Fans, and Facts: Alternate Reality Games as Research Methodology” as part of the “Serious Fun and Games” panel (session E10, Saturday 8:30 AM-9:45 AM);
  • Faculty member Julie Thompson Klein, who served as a proposal judge and as the HASTAC Liaison on for the C&W Conference Planning Committee, will moderate the second Town Hall, “Are You a Digital Humanist?” (session TH02, Saturday 11:45 AM-12:45 PM);
  • Recent PhD graduate Kim Lacey will present a talk entitled “Some New Laws of Motion Physics and Digital Writing” as part of the panel “Motion in Theory: Mobile Learners, Mobile Memes, and Mobile Access as Culturally Grounded Rhetorical Action” (session K02, Sunday 10:15 AM-11:30 AM);
  • PhD candidate Jill Morris will be a participant in the preformance session “New Media Performance: Technology, Orality, Dance, and Speech” (session PERF01, Friday 8:00 AM-9:30 AM);
  • Faculty member Jeff Pruchnic will present a talk entitled “Maps of the New Worlds: William Bunge and Digital/Ethical Representation” as part of the panel “Historical Perspectives and Current Applications: The Pasts and Futures of Digital Scholarship, Zines, and the Ethics of Technical Communication” (session K01, Sunday 10:15 AM-11:30 AM); and
  • PhD candidate (and GTA) Derek Risse will present a talk entitled “Zombie Etymologies: Hacking as New Media Voodoo” as part of the panel “Templates: Formal, Informal, and Hacked” (session H11, Saturday 4:15 PM-5:30 PM).

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