WSU @ CCCC 2012

The Wayne State Rhetoric and Composition Program will be well represented at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication with over sixteen faculty and students having speaking roles on conference panels, workshops, and special interest sessions:

  • Professor Gwen Gorzelsky will co-chair the Qualitative Research Network Forum taking place on Wednesday as well as (with program instructor Dave MacKinder) Monday’s workshop “Assessing Transfer: Using Reflection to Evaluate Transfer at Critical Transitions;” she will also present a talk entitled “Writing Peace in a Sea of Fire: How Literate Practices Mediate Personal and Systemic Change” as part of Sunday’s panel “Religious Discourse, Secular Contexts.”
  • Department lecturers Thomas Trimble, Jared Grogan, and Adrienne Jankens, as well as instructors Julie Mix-Thibault and Heidi Kenaga, and PhD candidate and graduate teaching assistants Joe Paszek and Wendy Duprey will also be speakers in the “Assessing Transfer” workshop.
  • Three program PhD candidates and graduate teaching assistants will present as part of Thursday’s panel on “Imports/Exports: The Rhetorical Valences of Twenty-First Century Gateways”: Conor Shaw-Draves (“Common Spaces, Common Places: Aristotle, the Internet, and Modern Rhetoric”; Derek Risse (“Human Literacies: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the Detroit Zoo’s Literacy Initiatives”); and Michael Ristich (“Without Content: Towards a Rhetoric of Anarchism”).
  • Department lecturer Nicole Guinot-Varty will chair and be a speaker for the “Gateways into the Disciplines: Navigating Different Disciplinary Contexts to Support Writing Across Campus” panel taking place on Thursday.
  • PhD candidate Mary Karcher will present a talk entitled “New Space, New Power: What Happens when Fans Fight Back” on Friday as part of the panel “Authors, Fans, and Power: Exploring the Potential of Appropriation.”
  • Department lecturer LaToya Fauk will present a talk entitled “The Living Tongues of Me, You, and Them: Language, Hybrid-Identity, Race and Spoken World Poetry as a Literacy Apparatus in the Composition Classroom” on Friday as part of the panel “Creative Writing and Lived-Experience.”
  • Department lecturer Jule Wallis will co-chair the special interest group on “Assessment, Training, and Dialogues: An Examination of ESL Graduate Student Culture, Writing, and Writing Center Objectives” on Friday
  • The panel “Writing Thresholds: The Place-ness of Transfer Across Brain, Body, and World” on Saturday will feature program PhD candidates and graduate teachings assistants Wendy Duprey and Andy Engel

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