Richard Marback Wins Inaugural Marilyn Williamson Endowed Distinguished Faculty Fellowship

Professor Richard Marback has been named the Humanities Center’s inaugural Marilyn Williamson Endowed Distinguished Faculty Fellow for 2012-13.

From the award description: ” Thanks to a generous endowment provided by former Provost Marilyn L. Williamson, the Humanities Center offers an annual Distinguished Faculty Fellowship to tenured faculty (associate and full professors) in the humanities as defined by the NEH, the arts and related disciplines. The award of this single $20,000 fellowship is based on the merit of the individual research project proposed for the fellowship term [and] on the exceptional contribution the proposed project will make to the humanities and its potential for scholarly recognition and publication, exhibition or performance.”

During the period of the award Professor Marback plans to work on his third book project entitled The Virtue of Vulnerability in Public Persuasion.  In his own words, “[There is] a larger issue of discerning the kind of public appeals best suited for cultivating justice out of our susceptibility to material suffering and our availability to human relationships . . . . Iris Marion Young has identified it more broadly as the challenge of responsibility for structural injustices. . . . It is the general problem of the inadequacy of public rhetoric to the task of describing the interdependence of one’s sense of well being with awareness of another’s vulnerability.”  This project continues the work Richard has started in various earlier publications and in his forthcoming book Managing Vulnerability:  The Struggle for a South African Language and Democracy (University of South Carolina Press).

Professor Marback will present a special lecture in the Humanities Center during the 2012-13 academic year.

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