WSU @ CCCC 2013


The program will be well-represented at the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication with eight faculty and students taking part in panels:

  • Professor Jeff Pruchnic will present a talk entitled “Parametric Pedagogies: Adaptive Learning Environments and the New Architecture of Writing Instruction” as part of the panel “Pubic Works and the Architectures of Composition” on 03/14,
  • The panel “Invitations to Dialogue: Student Involvement in Teaching for Transfer Across and Outside the Composition Sequence” features talks by PhD candidate and GTA Amy Ann Metcalf (“Lateral Transfer in Basic Composition: Making Connections”), Lecturer and PhD candidate Adrienne Jankens (“From Reflective Dialogue to Reflective Practice: Integrating Teaching for Key Concepts and Behaviors in the Introductory Writing Course”), and Lecturer and PhD candidate Nicole Varty (“How Do We Actually Teach Transfer?: Fostering Student Choice and Inviting Students to Engage”) on 03/15,
  • PhD candidate Michael McGinnis will present the talk “The Post-Public Work of Composition” as part of the panel “Going Public: Composing New Boundaries of Public and Private Discourse” on 03/15
  • PhD candidate Donora Hillard will chair the panel “Between Making and Remaking: Copyright, Copyleft, and Multimodal Composition” on 03/15
  • Professor and Director of Composition Gwen Gorzelsky will present the talk “Reflection and Metacognition: Assessing the Intersections between Individual and Programmatic Factors” on 03/16
  • PhD candidate Cindy Mooty will chair the panel “Learning Dangerously: Student Activism in the Classroom” on 03/16

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