Site Launch

Much has changed in WSU’s Composition Program over the past few years. Managing these developments can be a trying experience, for sure. Fortunately, in response to instructor feedback, we’ve redesigned our online resources to better facilitate the accessing of critical course information across writing courses. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all things Comp. at Wayne.

Newly reorganized, the Program Directory functions as a gateway to course-specific information at every level: ENG 1010, 1020, 3010, and 3050/3060. Simply navigate to the site of interest using the drop-down menu located directly above (Teaching Resource Sites). There, you will find common syllabi, sample assignments, schedules, and many other helpful resources. Also, make sure to check out the instructor profiles available on the newly redesigned 1020 and 3010 pages.

Do you have trouble keeping track of events in the Department? We hear you! Follow our Twitter feed (WSU_Comp) located in the right sidebar for recent developments, or simply enter your email address just below the Twitter feed for automatic updates.

Want to get more involved? Check out our student groups above and teaching circles for 1020 and 3010. More info for teaching circles can be found on the 1020 and 3010 teaching resource sites or by emailing Gwen Gorzelsky, Director of Composition. When you get a chance, take a look at the newly remodeled Teaching Blog (“The Forum”), where instructors post about various topics relating to writing and writing pedagogy. Follow us there, too, so you get notification of new posts.

We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to build an ever stronger, more accessible and resilient teaching community at Wayne!

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