Workshop on “Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom” (10/22/15)

Our fourth workshop of the Fall, on gender and sexuality in the classroom, will be held from 2-3 PM this Thursday, October 22 in room #9304, and will be facilitated by PhD Candidates and Graduate Teaching Assistants Peter Marra, Marcus Merritt, and Melanie Zynel.

Workshop Description:
Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom will be a discussion-based workshop that encourages instructors to share stories, pedagogical practices, and questions regarding issues across the gender and sexuality spectrum within their courses. This includes fostering inclusive practices for queer students, dealing with homophobic, transphobic, and misogynist discourses in our classes, and developing policies to avoid exclusionary environments. Participants are invited to bring questions or scenarios they would like to be discussed by the group. If anyone would like to submit a question or scenario anonymously they may e-mail it to Peter Marra at or anonymously place the question or scenario in Peter’s mailbox by the end of the day on Wednesday, Oct. 21st.

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