Literacy Narrative Roundtable (01/15/16)

Our first workshop of the Winter, a Literacy Narrative Roundtable, will be held from 2-3 PM this Friday, January 15 in room #9304, and will be facilitated by Faculty member Craig Smith.

Workshop Description:
This roundtable workshop will explore approaches to the literacy narrative genre. Experience has shown this genre to be a useful tool in stimulating students’ metacognitive engagement with college-level reading and writing as part of their more general enculturation as college students. The facilitator will share his own experiences with the uses and applications of literacy narrative on levels ranging from basic writing to the doctoral dissertation, in bothcomposition and literature courses. The Literacy Narrative is the framing assignment of the new common assignment sequence for ENG 1010: Basic Writing, but elements of literacy narrative are present in metacognitive assignments emphasized throughout the composition sequence. Participants are encouraged to share their own approaches to literacy narrative, whether as formal assignment or low-risk classroom exercise.

A reminder: all Graduate Teaching Assistants are required to attend at least three workshops this semester all Part-Time Faculty Members are required to attend at least one workshop this semester.

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