Composition Program Workshop on the ENG 3010 Final Reflective Assignment (11/18/16)

Please join us on Friday for our ninth and final workshop of the Fall from 3-4 PM in room #9304. This workshop will focus on the final reflective assignment and will be facilitated Ryan Flaherty and Chris Susak. This workshop will present ideas on scaffolding and grading the Reflective Letter assignment for English 3010.  Attendees will learn some

Composition Program Workshop on Teaching with Generative Questions (11/04/16)

Please join us on Friday for our seventh workshop of the Fall from 3-4 PM in room #10303 for a workshop on “Teaching with Generative Questions” facilitated by Graduate Teaching Assistants and PhD candidates Tara Forbes and Kelly Polasek. Participants in this workshop will discuss questions as simple as, “Are there any questions about the homework assignment?” and as

Composition Program Workshop on TechComm@TechTown and Community Engagement Initiatives (10/21/16)

Please join us this Friday for our sixth workshop of the Fall from 3-4 PM in room #10302 for a workshop facilitated by Jared Grogan, Karen Springsteen, and Chris Susak. In this workshop on community engagement, participants will think through real scenarios from our Community Writing and TechComm@TechTown initiatives in order to explore how we