WSU @ CWPA 2015

The Program will be represented at the 2015 Conference of the Council of Writing Program administrators with seven graduate students presenting talks at the annual meeting of the CWPA. Friday, As part of the Council’s People of Color Caucus, Professor Donnie Sackey will Chair a panel entitled “Cultural Rhetorics and Sustaining Diversity in Composition Studies” during

WSU @ CCCC 2013

The program will be well-represented at the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication with eight faculty and students taking part in panels: Professor Jeff Pruchnic will present a talk entitled “Parametric Pedagogies: Adaptive Learning Environments and the New Architecture of Writing Instruction” as part of the panel “Pubic Works and the Architectures of Composition”

WSU @ ATTW 2013

The program will be represented at the 2013 Conference of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing by Professor Jeff Pruchnic and PhD candidate Conor Shaw-Draves, who will present talks as part of a panel on ethics and technical communication on March 13. Dr. Pruchnic’s talk is entitled “The Atlas of Love and Hate: William