Karen Springsteen’s “Veterans’ Writing and a Rhetoric of Witnessing”

Karen Springsteen’s essay “Veterans’ Writing and a Rhetoric of Witnessing” is included in the newest issue of Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service Learning (Vol 16, No. 2), a special issue dedicated to veteran’s writing. From the abstract: “Four examples of Iraq veterans’ self-sponsored writing and media compositions are reviewed in order to

Jule Wallis & Adrienne Jankens’ “Collaborative Development: Reflective Mentoring for GTAs”

Jule Wallis and Adrienne Jankens’ essay “Collaborative Development: Reflective Mentoring for GTAs” is included in the new collection Writing Program and Writing Center Collaborations: Transcending Boundaries (published by Palgrave MacMillan). From the book’s description: “This book demonstrates how to develop and engage in successful academic collaborations that are both practical and sustainable across campuses and within local

Karen Springsteen’s “Closer to Home”

Faculty member Karen Springsteen’s essay “Closer to Home: Veterans’ Workshops and the Materiality of Writing” appears in the collection *Generation Vet: Composition, Student Veterans, and the Post-9/11 University*, recently published by Utah State University Press. From the book description: Institutions of higher education are experiencing the largest influx of enrolled veterans since World War II, and these

Jeff Pruchnic’s “Burke In/On Public and Private”

Jeff Pruchnic’s essay “Burke In/On Public and Private: Rhetoric, Propaganda, and the ‘End(s)’ of Humanism” is featured in the new collection Burke in the Archives (via The University of South Carolina Press). From the book’s description: “Burke in the Archives brings together thirteen original essays by leading and emerging Kenneth Burke scholars to explore provocatively the twenty-first-century usefulness