Composition Mentoring Committee and Program Description

The Composition Program Mentoring Committee (CMC) was founded in Fall 2013 to support first-year GTAs in teaching composition courses, through teaching circles, informal and formal teaching observations, and relationship-building between new GTAs, senior GTAs and lecturer mentors. The CMC also supports senior GTAs’ professional development through workshops and continued open-door mentoring.

Composition Mentoring Committee 2017-2018

Adrienne Jankens, Chair

Ruth Boeder

Shelby Cadwell

Corey Hamilton

Amy Latawiec

Matt Linton

Sean Renkert

Michael Shumway

Molli Spalter

Jule Thomas

Joe Torok

Nicole Varty

Hillary Weiss

Mentoring and Professional Support Materials

Teaching Observation Form

Teaching Portfolios

Mentoring Program Highlights

September 2013: The Composition Mentoring Committee (CMC) is formed to support new GTAs in their first semester of teaching at WSU.

February 2014: The CMC gives its first workshop on developing teaching portfolios, which it presents annually to support instructors in writing teaching philosophies, developing professional websites, and creating online spaces that highlight their teaching experiences and expertise.

March 2014: The Composition Program, with the organization and support of the CMC, awards the first Excellence in Teaching Writing Awards. Annual winners include the following:

2014: Jared Grogan (Lecturer), David Mackinder (PTF), Erin Bell (GTA)

2015: Adrienne Jankens (Lecturer), Nicole Wilson (PTF), Derek Risse (GTA)

2016: Amy Latawiec (Lecturer), Michael McGinnis (PTF), Christopher Susak (GTA)

2017: Nicole Varty (Lecturer), Vinny Haddad (PTF), Reema Barlaskar (GTA)

December 2016: Jule Thomas and Adrienne Jankens publish their chapter “Collaborative Development: Reflective Mentoring for GTAs” in the edited collection Writing Program and Writing Center Collaborations: Transcending Boundaries (Palgrave MacMillan).

March 2017: Jule Thomas, Adrienne Jankens, Michael Shumway, and Tori Reeder present their panel, “Meeting and Mentoring in “Third Spaces”: Graduate Student and Faculty Experiences with Collaborative Mentoring Practices in a Writing Program,”at CCCC in Portland, OR; Jule and Adrienne give a Humanities Center Brown Bag talk on the Mentoring Program: “ ‘New Third Spaces’ for Collaborative Mentoring and Teacher Support”.